Review Policy

Whether you're just curious about my reading preferences, or you're wondering if I might read your book, you've come to the right place!  Please contact me with any recommendations you have!  
If, after reading my policy, you think I might read the book that you wrote, contact me! Not only do I accept indie/self-pub recs, but I love them and haven't said no yet!


I'm not obligated to read any book suggested to me.

I will definitely consider any and all requests I receive, but there’s no guarantee that I will read them or review them.  Chances are, if I read it, there will be a review here as well as on Goodreads, but that may not always be the case.

 I am open to ARCS,
e-books . . . you name it!

 I’m not picky about the format of my books!  I have an e-reader as well as a few bookcases overflowing with physical books; I'm becoming rather addicted to audiobooks, too!  

I love indie authors!!

I know that there are many book bloggers who will not accept self/indie published books . . . and I don't understand that.  It's actually kinda sad--they don't know what they're missing out on!  I want to read all of the indie books!  As someone who has dreams of writing a book someday, I can't imagine not being recognized for all of the work that went into writing a book (your baby!) just because it wasn't published traditionally.
To all of you indie authors:  I love you guys!  Keep doing what you're doing!  You put so much into your books and they deserve to be read; please send 'em my way!  <3
I'll feature you and your book on my blog, too, if you'd like!  
Have you just finished a manuscript?  Are you looking for a beta reader?  Check out my beta reading/reviewing services!  I hope to hear from you.  :)
(I'll also proofread for you--more on that here!)

I'm not very picky when it comes to genres!  
However, I shy away from books where romance is the driving force of the whole thing; it's fine as a subplot, but that's all for me, thanks.  (DEFINITELY NO EROTICA!!)  

I love fantasy, science-fiction, classics, and everything in between!
Horror?  Sure!
Non-fiction?  Sometimes!