Proofreading a Proof Copy

the often overlooked but super important step toward perfecting your novel


Even if you've had that beautiful manuscript of yours proofread half a dozen times, there can be the tiniest little things that make it through to that final copy.
I want to catch those mistakes before that book is in the hands of a reader!

There's just something about reading the physical copy of the book instead of making it all out on a screen.
It can make all the difference in the world.


Here's How


My proofreading services aren't nearly as complicated as my beta-reading!  You'll send me your proof copy in the mail and I will look for typos or grammatical errors--it's almost ridiculously simple!

I need to point out that I am not a certified proofreader by any means.  But I've been reading books almost my entire life and I've always had a keen eye for misspellings and wonky punctuation.  (Ask anyone who knows me; I've been proofing papers for family and friends for ages!)  
I definitely don't charge what a professional would though, either.  XD

There seems to be an attitude out in the book world that indie authors are lazy or just not good simply because they don't go the traditional publishing route.  This is ridiculous--and not in the funny way!  
I know that you've put so much work into your manuscript (your baby!) and it deserves to be read!
Your manuscript has amazing potential and it deserves a whole lot of love!  

Starting at only $30!


Here's How it Works


Application and Acceptance ~ Once you've applied, I will let you know whether or not your book would be a good fit for me.  If it isn't, I'll let you know.
If it is and you are accepted I will ask that you send me the first half of your payment, and your proof copy in the mail, and I'll get started!

Send Your Proof Copy ~ I will let you know the day I get your book, then I'll get reading!  Due to my schedule and wanting to do a good job, I want to carve out at least 2 weeks in my calendar.  I'll keep you updated as I go!

Receiving Your Proofread Proof Copy ~ Once I've finished proofreading your book, I'll let you know!  
It will have any typos marked up, additional punctuation written in, and if I need to elaborate on anything, there will be comments.  :)  At this time, I will also ask you for the second half of your payment!

Encouragement ~ I'll be sending you an e-mail 2 weeks after you've received your manuscript!  I'll ask you how it's going and will give you encouragement!  (I know you've got this!)




"As authors, we write in solitude, but it takes a team to bake a book. I highly recommend one final go round with this very qualified beta-reader—the comma queen. Even after my editor did two rounds and we were ready to print, RaeAnne unearthed additional corrections that the human eye previously overlooked.  It makes all of the difference to be 100% perfect. After all, if a 90,000 word manuscript is 99% flawless, that's still 900 errors the reader will judge you by. I am so glad I had the cushion of time before going to print for RaeAnne to be my final reader."
-Stefania Shaffer, Author of the Mischief series

Let's Make Sure your Book is Ready for its

Big Debut!

*  There are very few genres I do not take, the main one being erotica.  (You can read my full review policy here!)  Almost anything else will be considered; some of my very favorite genres are fantasy and sci-fi! 

**  The first half of your payment will be the $30 mentioned above; the second half will be based on your word count at $0..001/word, plus the shipping fee to get your book back to you.

***There is a $30 rush fee for any jobs that you'd like done in under the two week timeframe.