Custom editing for your unique manuscript


You've spent months, maybe even years, writing your manuscript!  You've written those bittersweet words "the end" . . . but it's not the end!  In fact, it's just the beginning!  
You want to get your book published, into the hands of bookworms--and I'm here to help you do that!  It's what I love to do!

Do you have questions about that manuscript of yours?  Is the revision process feeling overwhelming?  Is it all just a confusing maze of paper and red ink?  

Don't give up on that dream yet!  I believe in you and I can help you make those dreams come true!


Here's How

I've come up with guides full of big questions that I'll be asking about your manuscript as I read.
And I can send you a copy of your manuscript with the comments I've made as I read!
Any and all constructive criticism is because I want to help you give the world the very best version of your novel!

Not only do I offer critiques--I'm your cheerleader!  I'll be there every step of the way, even after the reviewing process, to encourage you!


See my guides


which package is right for you?

Maybe you just don't know where to start with your manuscript.  That's a-okay!
Then the total review package is just for you!

But maybe there are aspects of your manuscript where you're super confident--yay!  Then we won't focus on those.  (I know you've got this!)

You can pick and choose the packages that fit your needs. 
Are you struggling with dialogue?  I gotcha! 
Maybe you feel your characters need a little bit of help?  That's what I'm here for!
There's no limit to the number of packages you can choose.


how will this help?

How are all of these questions going to help?  (There are a lot of questions there.)  What good are those well wishes when you still have a book to revise for the umpteenth time?

Well, each one of those questions is going to get an answer.  And not just a monosyllabic answer.  I want you to get the most out of this process, and that means answers that will help you look at things in a new light.
You never know what a new (and unbiased) pair of eyes might do for your manuscript!

I know about those squirmy feelings you get from sending something you wrote to someone else to read.  *shudders* 
It really does feel like you're handing over a part of you.

But I'm here to cheer you on!  The critiques I give aren't to make you feel bad or doubt yourself; they're to perfect your novel so that you can have the confidence you need to show off your book!  Your baby.

And guess what?  We can talk about it!
Once you've gotten your review and you've had some time to think it over, if anything is unclear, if I've misinterpreted something, or if there's something you're still really struggling with, you can let me know!  We can chat about it in an instant message conversation, or over email!

Remember:  This isn't just about your book.  It's about you, too.  One of my favorite authors has said that "writing is a lonely job" . . . I want to make it a little less lonely!


what you'll get

  • A detailed review of your manuscript; what’s wonderful and what still needs some tweaking (in PDF form)

  • A post-review discussion to spark your imagination and get rid of any issues or doubts

  • A marked up manuscript with the comments I made as I read (via Google Docs; optional)

  • A letter to sum up what I thought about your manuscript

  • My continued love and support


this is for you
if . . .


You have a finished manuscript that needs some TLC.

You are able and willing to make a commitment to revising the heck out of that manuscript.

You're ready to have that manuscript constructively critiqued.

You are ready to start making your publishing dreams come true!


prices start at $15


Here's How it works


Choose Your Packages ~ Take some time to decide which packages are right for you and your manuscript.  Part of the application process will be letting me know which ones you'd like!

Application and Acceptance ~ Once you've applied, I will let you know whether or not your book would be a good fit for me.  If it isn't, I'll try my best to point you in the direction of another betareader.  
If it is and you are accepted I will send you a non-disclosure agreement, just so that you can feel extra certain that your intellectual property is in good hands.
Once we’ve both signed it, I’ll ask that you send me your manuscript and the first half of your payment, and we can get started! **

Send Your Manuscript ~ I will let you know the day I get your manuscript!  Once I have it, I will also let you know the time I intend to work on it.  Due to my schedule and wanting to give your book a thorough review, I want to carve out about 2 weeks in my calendar.  Regardless of when that will be, I will let you know!

Receive Your Review ~ Once I've finished that review process, I will send you the PDF with your unique review.  (This is also when I would send you your marked up manuscript, if you've asked for it!)  You'll have time to look it over and then if you would like to chat about it, we can set up a time to do that!  Also at this time, I will ask for the second half of your payment.

Chat about Your Review ~  I'd love to chat with you about your review and how everything is going!  This would be especially helpful if the review brought up something you hadn't even considered!
I want to help you get clear on what changes you feel like you should make!  Ask me questions, pick my brain!

Encouragement ~ Whether or not we set up a specific time to talk about your book, I'll be sending you an e-mail 2 weeks after you've received your review!  I'll ask you how it's going and offer any help if it's needed!  (But I know you've got this!)

If you ever have any questions later, I'd love to answer them!  I want to help you achieve your dreams!


not sure yet?

Send me your first chapter over on Google Docs!  I'll work my magic on it (for free!) and then send it back to you.
If you think we're a good fit, then we'll celebrate that you've found the right editor for your book baby!  And get to work!




"RaeAnne is a wonderful beta reader. She is a sweetheart who was incredibly thorough and constructive. Not only did she keep me updated through the process of reading, but her detailed worksheet went over every aspect of my novel that I wanted feedback on. She reviewed pacing, plot, sentence structures, characters, and world-building leaving no questions I might have had unanswered. I will definitely be seeking out her services again."
Vanessa Mont, author of The Elementalist

 "This lady is an absolute gem! I worked with her for my debut novel while getting it ready to send off to my editor, and she was motivational, helpful, and informative! She really took her time going through and leaving helpful and informative comments in my manuscript, and her overall review was so clear and concise! I highly recommend working with her and will definitely be reaching out again for future work!”
Sydney Hawthorn, author of Awakening Shadows

"RaeAnne is one of the best beta readers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. To start, she has so many different review packages to choose from, depending on if you only want help with dialogue, worldbuilding, etc. For my book, I picked the complete package so I could have her opinion on everything, and she did not disappoint. Not only do you get a detailed PDF with her thoughts on multiple aspects of your story, but also her continued support throughout your writing journey.
I can’t wait for her to read and review the sequel!”
Marion Mavis, author of The Supremacy Witch


are you ready to make your dreams come true?





If money is tight, pricing is negotiable!


*  There are very few genres I do not take, the main one being erotica.  (You can read my full review policy here!)  Anything else will be considered!

**  The first half of your payment will depend on the number of packages you've chosen.
The second half will be based on your word count at $1.50/ 1,000 words.

***There is a $20 rush fee for any jobs that you'd like done in under the two week timeframe.