To the Fast Writer


I’m sure you get that a lot. That doesn’t make it any less true. But maybe it feels like that’s all people see. Just because you write quickly doesn’t mean it’s easy. And it’s hard to believe, but even when you’re in the middle of doing so much writing, there’s a human being in there who needs to be looked after, too!

So this one is for you, super-fast writer! Tell us all of your secrets, but also….

1) Take care of yourself.

Once that inspiration hits, it’s difficult to get away. But don’t forget to take care of yourself. Neglecting life for a little while is perfectly okay! (It better be, ‘cause you’re gonna do it anyway, right?) But make sure you’re still, y’know, eating.


2) Don’t get overwhelmed.

Okay, I know, you can say this until you’re blue in the face and that doesn’t mean you won’t. But still! With that novel staring at you, tapping its foot and waiting to be written, remember…it doesn’t have to be done all at once. If you need a break, take one.


3) Set aside your manuscript before you go to rewrite it.

YOUR BRAIN NEEDS A BREAK!!! Take a break so long that you’ve nearly forgotten what you’ve written. Sleep, because you need it. And when you get back to it, you’ll have distanced yourself a little from the emotional process that is writing, and it will be easier to see what really needs work.


4) Be. Prepared.

You’re going to get in that writing mood and nothing you can do will be able to pull you away. So before you start, make sure that you have your outline there (or not, if you’re a pantser!), you have enough paper and pens to look like Dunder Mifflin had a going out of business sale, and you have an IV drip of coffee.

Get it all together…and don’t forget the cookies or stickers or cups of coffee you’ll be using to reward yourself along the way! No matter how quickly you reach those milestones, they’re still worth celebrating.


5) Don’t forget to take breaks.

Y’know how I said that nothing would be able to get you out of that writing mood?

Well…you should still take breaks every now and then. Just so you don’t go to stand up and seem to have forgotten how.

BUT YOU DON’T WANT THE INSPIRATION TO GO AWAY, so here are things you can do to move around and keep thinking!

Go for a walk.

Do some yoga.

Take a shower.

Get a snack.

I invested in a FitBit just so that it would remind me to get up and move. Because that’s important, too.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, WRITER. (Also, point us in the direction of which blood sacrifice you made to be able to write so quickly.)

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