How to Make an Aesthetic Board on Pinterest (For Writers!)

I love making aesthetics for what I’m writing! They’re a fun, visual representation of bits and pieces of your story. You could make one for the overall tone, a specific character, a place…the possibilities are endless.
My favorite way to make them in on Pinterest! I have an entire board devoted to my WIP, and I’ve made individual ones, too.


Individual ones are great because, once I’ve finished them, they go right into Scrivener for future reference!


I want to show you how to do both of these things!  <3


The Pinterest Board

  • If you’re not already on Pinterest…what do you do with all of that extra time? :D  Haha!
  • Make the board on Pinterest. You can call it whatever you want. You can also keep it private if you’d like to; to keep your ideas safe, or while you nail down the overall feel you want the board to have.
  • Now the fun part! Find pins that fit what you have in mind.
    • The biggest thing to keep in mind here is color. Colors say a lot. You don’t want a bunch of bright and happy colors in your post-apocalyptic book…unless you do. Whatever colors/tones/filters fit your aesthetic, use them…and exclude all of the others, even if you love the picture. This will give the board a more put-together vibe—and no one wants an ugly aesthetic board!
    • Are there any important objects in your story? (A sword, a crown…) Find a picture of them! Or lots of pictures.
    • What do these pictures make you feel? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Finding the right pins


You can look up keywords



You can find pins that are similar to the one you’ve found just by scrolling down







You’ll get lost down this rabbit hole quickly, but it’s a pretty fun place to be!  Pin all the things. However many you want.
Then share it (if you want to) and bask in the glory of your beautiful aesthetic board!


The Individual Aesthetics

Elf home aesthetic1.png

Here is an aesthetic I made for one of the major places in my WIP. It went right into Scrivener in a folder all about specific places.


  • Find the pictures you want to use
  • Again, my prefered method is Pinterest.
  • Download them!
    • I’d recommend saving them to a specific place, so you don’t have to run around looking for them very long

    Find a program to make a collage of them.  My favorite is Canva. It's basically my favorite thing--I use it ALL THE TIME!  
    This is how you would use Canva to make a collage!


    Download it again, this time all put together all pretty like!

    And you’re done!

    If you want to add it to Scrivener for future reference, it’s really easy. See:


    And don’t forget to share it all over your social media…because it’s pretty and getting other people hyped about your work in progress is fun!


    Go! Have fun! Make all of the aesthetics you possibly can! …and then actually write your book.

    Aesthetics are great to come back to when you’re not feeling too great about what you’re writing, too. They’ll show you what inspires you about it. You’ll never know if you’ll find something that makes you excited about the idea all over again.