To the Daring Writer

Think you’re a daring writer?
If you’re here, that’s probably true . . . and even if you don’t believe it now, it could be true!

This is the beginning of a new year! If you’re anything like me, you’re all excited for what this year will bring; you’re planning big things; setting unrealistic expectations for yourself . . . and all of those things are great!

There’s no law that says New Year's resolutions have to be broken! And 2018 can be the year you keep that very important resolution all aspiring writers make at the beginning of a year: Write a book.

I want to make 2018 the year that my dreams come true!
And I want to help you do the same.

  • Maybe you’ve written things before that you hated. Let me tell you, I CRINGE when I read anything I’ve written in the past, so . . . I gotcha.
  • Maybe you’ve had an idea but you’ve been too busy to write it. I HEAR YOU!
  • Maybe you actually wrote the first draft of something a while ago but you’ve been too afraid to even look at it to rewrite it. Silence that inner critic and love your first draft for what it is—the beginning of something beautiful.

Whatever has been keeping you from writing that book you’ve been dreaming about . . . get rid of it. Silence the inner editor. Make time to write; if you wait until you have the time, you’ll be dead before you even pick up that pen.

It won’t be easy, but the best things in life rarely are. And if it were easy, everyone would be publishing novels all the time. Everyone is capable of amazing ideas, but it takes a commitment and a love for what you do to turn that idea into anything more.

I wrote the first 50,134 words of a novel in November during NaNoWriMo and I’ve been writing the rest much more slowly ever since. It isn’t anywhere near finished, but this is the first story I’ve ever written down that’s actually mine, not some fanfiction . . . and that is an amazing feeling.
I really believe in it and that’s something I’ve never felt about my writing before . . . ever.  And that feels like more of an accomplishment than those words.  That "I'm actually proud of myself for this and I believe it could be something!" feeling.

And because I want to practice what I preach, I’ll be updating you on my writing progress all year—to encourage you, maybe inspire you, and show you that this crazy writing dream is possible. (Even if you’re running two businesses and chasing kids around the house all day.  Read more about my CRAZY life!)

If I can do it, then of course you can!

Still not sure?

That’s a-okay! This is the first post in a series I intend to carry throughout the year (and maybe even longer). Maybe you’re anxious about writing. Maybe you’ve been hurt by something someone said about your writing. Maybe you feel like you write way too slowly.
Whatever the case, I’ll have a post for you full of encouragement, freebies, and inspirational quotes!

Because I want your writing dreams to come true.
I believe in you and your story.
It’s time you did, too!


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