To the Self-Publishing Writer

So you think you want to self-publish?


Whatever brought you to this point, don’t resent it!  Even if you’re only doing this after so many rejections from traditional publishers, it’s okay. This is all part of your writing journey; and self-publishing is becoming more and more accepted and encouraged all the time.

This is all about getting your book out there, the way you want it to be!

You’re going to have a lot more control over your book baby than you would have otherwise.

But you’re also going to have a lot of work ahead of you.

I want you to succeed and get your book out there to the readers who need it! (You wrote it for a reason; that means there’s someone out there who needs to read it!) So I have some pointers for you!


I think this is an important part of the writing process even if you’re going to publish traditionally. Beta readers are going to catch the things in your novel that you never could; they’ll give you the constructive criticism that you need to really perfect your story and its characters . . . And they’ll encourage you to keep at it!

There are a ton of beta readers out there—paid and free, friends or strangers—but don’t just hand your manuscript over to anyone. Make sure they’re people you can trust to be honest, but kind, and that they’ll really get what your story is about.



Part of the stigma associated with self/indie-published books has to do with how sloppy some of them are. And while you would never present a book to the world that’s full of typos, so many people do . . . and this can hurt you.

So be part of the ones who do their part to fight this stigma! Do your part to proofread, yes, but also hire a proofreader (*coughs*Iknowonewhowouldlovetohelp) or send the manuscript to some friends who have a keen eye. You wrote this book, and you’ve rewritten it over and over again; you might be too used to it to catch the typos.



We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover . . . But, really, who came up with that saying?
Everyone judges everything on appearance—whether or not you should. And there are people whose jobs exist to translate the feel of a story into a piece of art. Hire one of those people and get a beautiful cover—or enlist the help of an artsy friend. Not only will it make you feel even more confident in your book, but it will help catch the eye of potential readers!



Self-publishing is a long journey full of sleepless nights and locking yourself away to perfect your novel and get it out to readers. Make sure you have people around you who understand and will encourage you the whole way through! Keep those friends close—and give them a copy of your book as a thank you once it’s all said and done! :)



You’re a writer, yes, but even writers are human beings. Don’t forget to take care of yourself in the middle of all of this work. You deserve it and your book will be better for it!



Follow book bloggers who love and support self/indie published authors and form relationships with them! Once your book is finally ready, they’ll probably take part in a blog tour and help you promote your book that was so long coming.


Do you! You’re amazing. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise!


Do you need to ramble about that amazing idea you have?