Habits to Boost Creativity

I’m a creative! Odds are that you are, too!

We both know what this means.

Even when we aren’t sitting down in front of a computer/pen and paper, we’re daydreaming; planning out the next big fight scene; trying to decide on the perfect name for that super minor character who will only ever show up in one scene but still has to have a perfect name.

So here are a few things that you can do (still away from that screen/paper!) that will keep your creative juices flowing. They might even help you stumble on the answer to one of your biggest writing-related questions.


Ew. Exercise.

I hear ya! I used to be that way, too . . . and I still am, sometimes. But if you feel better, your brain will feel better—get that oxygen to that thinker up there and it really will do you a world of good!

I’m personally a fan of yoga. It gives me some quiet time and some exercise! It gives my thinking mind a break, too, and I can just take some time to focus on my breath and the exercise I’m doing! Another cool thing about yoga is that even if you do end up with a bunch of thoughts swirling around, that’s okay! (And the time you’re practicing isn’t a bad time to think, either!)



Spare time is a lovely thing . . . don’t ruin it by mindlessly opening one app, closing it, then opening it again. (I’m way too guilty of this!)
Appreciate the moment. Look at the world around you. Be present with your friends and family—with the world. With yourself. You never know what you might see that sparks an idea. And even if you don’t get inspired by something, your brain, your heart, and your loved ones will still love and thank you for it. There are actually things that are more important than writing, so try not to let your priorities get too out of whack.




Watching TV doesn’t melt your brain—there are tons of inspiring shows and movies out there, actually!—but reading great literature will inspire you to write some of your own!

What’s great literature? Well, there are classics, of course . . . but if you don’t like them, don’t read them! There are many of them that I’m fond of . . . and others that I would never read. Find something that you love to read and read it! Why do you like it? What about that author’s personal style and voice are appealing to you?
Also, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your choices in literature! Your opinions are your own and that’s a great thing!



There are so many writer podcasts out there with tons of information, encouragement, and inspiration! Listening to them as you get ready for your day will put you in a creative mood--and it’s something you can do passively. Even if it isn’t writing specific, just listen to something that puts you in a creative mood and set the right tone for the rest of the day!

I actually get a good half hour of writing in nice and early in the morning—like, almost right after I wake up! This is another beautiful way to make sure the rest of the day is inspiring!



I find so much inspiration in music. :) Make a playlist of music you’re inspired by and give it a listen as often as you want to! I listened entirely to Pink Floyd while writing my way through NaNoWriMo this last year . . . Because I wanted to. I like it!

It doesn’t matter if you like what’s popular, so long as you love what you listen to!



Find someone who shares your passion for . . . anything. Make a point of talking with them about it; you’ll learn more about yourself and your passions at the same time! And it’s fun! <3



I can hear you now. *heavy sighs* “Yes, Mom!”

But moms know what’s up, you guys!  (Also, yes, I am that "mom friend.")

You can’t be at your best if you don’t sleep enough. It isn’t easy, but I believe in you! Your entire life will be better if you just get enough sleep, including that book that you’re trying to write!

Plus you might have some weird dreams that inspire you! (I hope to learn how to lucid dream someday!)



Maybe you pick a subject that interests you and read a book or watch some YouTube videos about it. (SciShow videos are great for this, to name just a single channel!)
You could just ask questions every day. Even asking the Internet for a random fact will teach you something! But learn something new, every day; your brain will thank you for it. And you never know what tidbit of information you’ll stumble across that will spark some inspiration!