This Writer's Wishlist

Just because we’re often lost in our own little world doesn’t mean that writers don’t want things, too!

Of course we want things!

Like pet dragons.

A sword would be nice.  (Okay, so, like, after writing this my brothers got me a sword for Christmas?!!!?  Whaaaat?  I'm now holding my breath for the other things on this list, because my life is clearly amazing and I am a witch, I guess.)

I’d take a never-ending supply of coffee, too!

Here are a few things that I think would make a perfect gift for any writer in your life (even if it’s you)!

Reward yourself for your most recent writing win with one of these puppies!


  • Typewriters

I want to be like Tom Hanks and his collection of typewriters! Like, GUYS, I WANT TO WRITE ALL OF MY BOOKS ON TYPEWRITERS!! I actually own two, but I’d always take more.

Another great way to incorporate some typewriter into your life is with some typewriter jewelry!


  • Fancy Pens

Not that you need a reason to buy a fancy pen—the simple fact that you want one is more than enough! And before you ask, no, it doesn’t matter that you have twenty similar ones at home.


  • Cute flash drives

They make a bunch of cute flash drives. Get yourself a cute one and back up that novel of yours obsessively!


  • Aqua Notes

Look!!! Someone finally made the thing we’ve been saying we want for forever!


  • A fairy that comes behind me and cleans off my desk

Because who doesn’t want this? You should have seen my desk in the middle of NaNoWriMo; sticky notes everywhere, old coffee cups, the pens I had killed . . . Good stuff.



  • These darling earrings that I need in my life because I’m constantly coming up with stories in that space between my ears!

  • These writing gloves to keep your hands warm while you write. Seriously, does anyone know why your hands suddenly become freezing once you’ve been typing/writing for hours? It doesn’t make sense! I’m typing at the speed of light, why are my hands ice cubes?

  • Someone to give me the newspaper print manicure

Does this need an explanation? It looks cool; therefore, I want it. XD Plus it would give me a little break from the writing. :)

  • Writer phone case

There are so many of these!  And if you see me on my phone in public, I’m usually writing down story ideas, so . . . Why not advertise that to the world? YOU’RE A COOL WRITER! AND ANYONE NEAR YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT ENDING UP IN YOUR WIP BUT THAT’S PERFECTLY OKAY!