A Few Home Office Must-Haves

You can write wherever the heck you want to write.
But I’ve found it infinitely helpful to have a place that’s just for writing/working. It makes it easier to ignore the rest of the world. I’m not wondering when I’ll actually get around to putting away that basket of laundry—I’m writing. I’m not tempted to just take a quick nap instead of getting to work.

When I sit down in my home office, it’s to hustle. Get the words written. Get my work done.

Here are some things that I think are nearly essential to a good home office!

  • A stress toy
    I have one of these guys in my desk and have for ages! Do I usually forget it’s there? Yup. Oh well—it’s the thought that counts, right?
  • A great desk
    Pick something you can’t wait to work at and get messy . . . I found my desk on Craigslist a few years back, and it’s perfect! There’s loads of storage for the 1,005 notebooks I have, resource books, and it’s a roll-top, so the mess can be covered up in just a second . . . unless it's in the way!
  • A plant!
    I’ll admit that I don’t have any plants at my desk, but I also have no sunlight, because my “office” is really a cedar closet. XD  But plants are a great way to brighten up a room and (literally) bring some life to it!
    And if you don't have any sunlight, well, maybe you have a cool sister who will make something like these for you!  
  • A blanket!
    I dunno about you, but I’m constantly wrapped up in a blanket (even when it’s 90+ outside!); I have two blankets in my little office.
  • Snacks!
    One of my desk drawers is more or less devoted to snacks. A LOT of gum, actually . . . Food is always a great motivator/reward for me, and if I’m working/writing for hours on end, I’m gonna want something to eat! :D
  • A coffee cup warmer
    Because you don’t want your hard work interrupted by cold coffee! I usually try to use my insulated cup that will keep drinks hot or cold for HOURS, but these little guys are sweet!
  • A vision board
    I have two! They keep me motivated and encouraged when I need it—plus they add personality to the space! I have an envelope tacked to one of them with little “remember this when” notes to myself. :)
  • A good chair
    SO important! I’m not the tallest person in the world (understatement of the century!) so I used to have to sit on a stack of books to even sit properly in my chair at my desk. It’s since been replaced! My dad was able to snag a really good one for me and it’s been so much nicer for my back—even if I never quite seem to sit properly.
  • Speakers/good headphones
    My house is LOUD, so I need something to drown it out when I sit down to do some work! :D I have a great Bluetooth speaker, as well as some Bluetooth headphones, and I use both literally every day. So good!
  • Desk toys
    They make SOOOO many of them, and they’re just fun! Amazon has a ton, any store you go into will have them . . . . I don’t actually have any specific desk toys, but I do have a set of dice that I often break out to roll around.
  • Resource books nearby
    Mine are sitting on the top of my roll-top desk. I can’t say how helpful it is to have them within reach. Yeah, there’s the internet, but I just like having a physical book if I can. :D
  • Something that makes you happy
    Because then you’re more likely to want to go to that space!
    • I have a small collection of typewriter keys sitting on a shelf. Some gifts from friends and family over the years. Some cute prints on my vision boards. Vintage cameras. Candles. Things that I love! A vinyl sticker that a great internet friend gave to me. Indie books sitting nearby because they inspire me!
  • Colors you love
    Again, because inspiration and the desire to go into that space!
    • My cedar closet it, well, cedar, so the corkboards I have on the walls are grey—my favorite neutral! I have some rose gold elements here and there. My laptop has stickers on it—those count, right?
  • Physical Calendar/To Do list
    I can’t say how helpful it is to actually write things down!
    • I splurged on a super cute planner and I LOVE it! I swear, I couldn’t function without writing down the things I want to do. I live for the satisfaction of crossing things off of to do lists.
  • A timer
    SO good for time blocking purposes!
    • I just use the internet or my phone, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a timer. :D Time blocking is a wonderful way to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time; it’s the method I use to get my blog content written, my novel—all of it!
  • Storage
    My desk takes care of this, for the most part, but there are also shelves right next to me. They’re mostly used for ScribeKit goodies. Ample storage is important to keeping your writing/work space as clutter free and organized as possible. If you’re anything like me, if there’s too much of a mess you just have to clean it up before you can get to work.
  • A mini fridge
    Okay, not NECESSARY . . . But I want one! Because, like I said, snacks. :D
  • Organization tools
    Whether it’s mason jars or something else entirely, have a place for everything and put the things away! (It helps if they’re cute!)
  • Good lighting
    I sound like I’m, like, 85 years old. But good lighting is important—don’t kill your eyesight! Plus if it’s too dark, you’ll just wanna take a nap. XD

Did I mention anything that you hadn’t thought of before? Are you inspired to get it now? That’s great!

Is there anything that you think deserves to go into a home office that I missed? I want to hear about it!