Writing Resources

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for ways to help you write!

Maybe you’re trying to make the time to write. Maybe there are things about the writing process that just baffle and aggravate you.
Writing is a difficult process, full of more difficult processes than meet the eye!  

Here are just a few of my favorite writing resources!

Word Hippo

Word Hippo is a great site that I haven’t really read much about elsewhere . . . I really don’t remember how I stumbled on it. But look at all of the things it can help you find.
That word that always escapes you even though it’s on the tip of your tongue? This hippo can probably help you find it! :D Need to make something rhyme but you don’t know what it rhymes with? Here ya go!


Writer’s Inc

I used this book in my homeschooling days . . . And once I graduated my siblings always had to come and steal it back from me. This book is amazing. Writing is a hard enough thing without needing to worry about confusing grammar and spelling rules. Whether you’re stumped on where that comma should go, you aren’t sure if you should use an em dash or a semi-colon, or you aren’t sure whether to capitalize something or not, Writer’s Inc can help you out! My copy lives in my desk alongside my dictionary . . . Because, yep, I still have a physical dictionary, too. (I’m cool like that!)




A friend has accused me of putting more thought into my character’s names than most parents do their firstborn child. SO, YEAH, MAYBE I OBSESS A LITTLE BIT.
I visit this site for fun as much as I do for writing help. Want to find names of various origins? Look them up here! Looking for plant names? Word names? Names that are similar to others that you like? This website is for you!

Seriously. I love this website.



We all know about Pinterest! But you can use Pinterest for much more than DIY projects that will never be like the pin. I love using Pinterest for things like creating aesthetic boards—they help me nail down the overall feel I want my book to have, plus they look pretty. This is mine for my current work in progress!  Aesthetic boards are great when you’re just starting out brainstorming . . . And I’m thinking about making a 2.0 version for my WIP to see how it would compare to the finished novel!
It’s also great for finding writing prompts, blog posts about writing, and anything else from podcasts to writer humor.


Lara’s Ferrari’s website and instagram

Lara has some amazing resources for writers! They’re cute, they’re helpful, and they all come from a super sweet and encouraging cheerleader of a gal!

Her site is great, her Instagram account is BEAUTIFUL and inspiring, and I can’t quite fangirl about her enough.

Go check out Lara's site and her Insta!  :D