To the Stage-Frightened Writer

So you want to share your writing…or at least talk to someone about it…but you’re terrified to do that?

You know that you’ll be a part of that amazing writing community online!

You know it could give you some great new ideas!

You know that it’s important.

But you just can’t do it.


Guess what?

I was this way, too! For…a really long time.

I still am, sometimes.


So I want to help you through it, too! Because being on the other side of it is such a beautiful thing!

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To the Self-Publishing Writer

So you think you want to self-publish?


Whatever brought you to this point, don’t resent it!  Even if you’re only doing this after so many rejections from traditional publishers, it’s okay. This is all part of your writing journey; and self-publishing is becoming more and more accepted and encouraged all the time.

This is all about getting your book out there, the way you want it to be!

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