Habits to Boost Creativity

I’m a creative! Odds are that you are, too!

We both know what this means.

Even when we aren’t sitting down in front of a computer/pen and paper, we’re daydreaming; planning out the next big fight scene; trying to decide on the perfect name for that super minor character who will only ever show up in one scene but still has to have a perfect name.

So here are a few things that you can do (still away from that screen/paper!) that will keep your creative juices flowing. They might even help you stumble on the answer to one of your biggest writing-related questions.

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This Writer's Wishlist

Just because we’re often lost in our own little world doesn’t mean that writers don’t want things, too!

Of course we want things!

Like pet dragons.

I’d take a never-ending supply of coffee, too!

Here are a few things that I think would make a perfect gift for any writer in your life (even if it’s you)!

Reward yourself for your most recent writing win with one of these puppies!

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To the Self-Publishing Writer

So you think you want to self-publish?


Whatever brought you to this point, don’t resent it!  Even if you’re only doing this after so many rejections from traditional publishers, it’s okay. This is all part of your writing journey; and self-publishing is becoming more and more accepted and encouraged all the time.

This is all about getting your book out there, the way you want it to be!

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A Few Home Office Must-Haves

You can write wherever the heck you want to write.
But I’ve found it infinitely helpful to have a place that’s just for writing/working. It makes it easier to ignore the rest of the world. I’m not wondering when I’ll actually get around to putting away that basket of laundry—I’m writing. I’m not tempted to just take a quick nap instead of getting to work.

When I sit down in my home office, it’s to hustle. Get the words written. Get my work done.

Here are some things that I think are nearly essential to a good home office!

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Rewriting for Pantsers


A pantser is someone who doesn't outline.  You sit down to write without any outlining, barely knowing your own characters and the world they live in.  
I used to be a pantser; and that's a perfectly acceptable way to write.  I remember the boxed in feeling that an outline used to give me and, wow, I would avoid that at all costs!

Does that sound like you?

And if that's how you feel about outlining, how scary is it that when we rewrite, we should rewrite every single word?  (Except the ones we take out, of course!)  But go over every last thing to perfect it?  Yikes!

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To the Overwhelmed Writer

You have an idea that you believe in . . . but the reality of it seems too difficult to tackle.

I know that feeling. The overwhelm that makes you want to quit before you’ve even started.  It's icky.  But guess what?

That belief in your story is step one! Step two is belief in yourself.

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Writing Resources

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for ways to help you write!

Maybe you’re trying to make the time to write. Maybe there are things about the writing process that just baffle and aggravate you.
Writing is a difficult process, full of more difficult processes than meet the eye!  

Here are just a few of my favorite writing resources!

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Rewriting for Plotters

It’s all well and good to know what kind of writer you are—but how does this affect your rewriting style?


I think that rewriting will look different for plotters or pantsers, because they’re both vastly different approaches to writing.  There are some similarities, sure, but that's just because rewriting is rewriting.  :D

This one is for you, plotters!

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